Snowbird Checklist

Snowbird Checklist

Do you have your snowbird checklist in order?  If you’re planning on heading south this year you’ll want to cover your bases at home before making the trip.  If you’re a veteran snowbird, you know that you don’t just pack your swimsuit and hit the road.  You need to make a few plans to be sure that not only the trip goes smoothly, but that everything is ready for you when you get back.  Make yourself a checklist to tick off item by item.  Breaking it down into three categories will help simplify the process and help so that nothing is overlooked.



Whether you have any pre-existing conditions or not, you’ll still want to have your insurance in order.  The convenience of flashing your health card in the States is not the same as it is here.  Get all of your paperwork and meds set in advance.  Get yourself any vaccines necessary if you’re heading into the Caribbean.



This portion usually gets the most attention, even though it’s usually the most simple.  If you don’t pack your favourite towel, big deal, you can pick up another.  Your travel plans should be more centered around logistics and lodging.  Make a list in advance so you have at least a basic itinerary.  Even if you have made the trip a thousand times and are a seasoned snowbird, this will help you avoid any confusion and help get the most out of your trip.



Now that you’re all set to leave, you need to consider your home.  Who is looking after your place while you’re gone?  Did you prep your house properly before leaving?  Most overlooked, someone’s home is usually the last thing on their mind.  Especially when you’re planning to get away from it!  If you want to be a snowbird you’ll have to keep the nest safe and sound.  Start from the outside and make your way in.  Make arrangements to have your bills automated for payment.  Get your mail forwarded or have someone picking it up.  Will your driveway be cleared during the snowy months?  A snowed in driveway is a dead giveaway that someone has gone south.  Seal your place up and winterize wherever needed (hoses, sprinkler systems etc.)  Nothing worse than leaving a window open and skipping town for two months.  Set up the inside to have a few lights go on and off on timers, and other electronics, to give the impression that the property is not vacant.  The more you can have automated like your thermostat, the better.

And finally get some outside help.  Your insurance may require as much as a weekly visit from an accredited organization.  Harbourview’s crews are experts in aiding the snowbird take flight.  We offer customized home care and property inspections to suit every snowbird.

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