Full Service Tenant Management

Let A Certified Property Manager Deliver The Notice


Delivering bad news is never fun. There’s no need to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation because our professional property managers can deliver delinquency notices directly to your tenant.

In order for a delinquency notice to be legal, it is important that the correct procedure is followed. We deliver the news in the proper way, while also trying to repair the relationship with your tenant. We work to find a solution so that rent is paid on time, your property is taken care of, and that the neighbours are happy.

Our certified property managers can respond to any complaints from neighbours or any by-law violations. We know the proper procedure for dealing with any scenario, including serving delinquency notices, as well as a letter of eviction. If you need someone to prepare and deliver a rent increase notice, we can do that too.

Outsourcing evictions can relieve a lot of stress and save a lot of time and money for you. Contact us today and we’ll be handle your tenant management, ensuring rent gets paid on time and the rental agreement is followed.