After The Storm Hits, We’ll Check-In

Total Property Management For Your Rental or Vacation Property

After Storm Exterior Checks

When lightning and thunder, heavy rains, strong winds, or ice storms happen, we’re there to make sure your income or vacation property is okay. We can check-in and assess the cleanup and/or damage, even the hard to spot issues.

We’ll inspect your roof, siding, stucco & brick, windows, gutters, driveway & sidewalks, air-conditioning unit, fences, dock, as well as any recreational vehicles to determine if an insurance claim is necessary. Not only are we able to look for major concerns like property damage, fallen trees, or issues with power lines, but if there is any damage, our renovation team can conduct a professional assessment and take care of any work that needs to be done. That’s why we’re your one stop for all things property.

If you would like a certified property manager to check-in on your property after a storm, let’s talk.