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Lawn Care

Spend less time working on your lawn and more time enjoying the sun with expert lawn care services from Harbourview. We specialize in providing you with a beautiful and well maintained property. We ensure lush green grass, manicured lawns, and trimmed walkways for your home, rental property, business, or cottage.

Grass Cutting

Enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass without any of the work. Park the lawnmower and let our expert Lawn Care Team take care of cutting your grass. Our weekly grass cutting service provides you with a great looking property, including edging of walkways and flowerbeds and removal of all clippings from patios, walkways, and driveways.


Lets your lawn breathe with aerating in the spring. This lawn care service allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots enabling them to grow deep and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Our experts will make sure that your lawn is aerated at the perfect time of year to maximize results!


Keep your lawn and gardens free of weeds, without any of the work. The landscaping professionals at Harbourview provide prompt weed removal services. Don’t wait until weeds become a major issue, schedule a weed control visit from us.

Top Dressing and Seeding

Professional seeding will ensure that your lawn grows in thick and healthy. We use environmentally friendly methods so that your kids and pets can enjoy a beautiful lawn, worry-free. We can also add a nutri-rich top dressing to build better soil and further ensure a healthy lawn.


By giving your lawn the nutrition it needs, we’ll help give you a happy lawn. You can expect full growth and beautiful colour without any harmful substances. Let our lawn care team provide you with a balanced combination of nutrients for a lawn that will make golf courses jealous!

Seasonal Care

Seasonal clean-ups are essential to keeping your lawn looking great year after year. From removing all that debris left on your lawn when the snow melts to leaf clearance in the fall, we’ll ensure your property is always at its best. We can also prune your shrubs and hedges and winterizing your gardens.

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