Expert Garden Care

Let Us Take Care of Your Garden


Give the exterior of your home a beautiful touch with a professionally maintained garden. We’ll prepare your garden in the spring, maintain it over the summer, and give it proper winter preparation in the fall. All you have to do is enjoy the healthy blooms and fragrant flowers all summer long.

No matter the size or style of your garden, we can help. We offer garden care for your home, rental property, cottage, or business. Give your guests, renters, or clients a beautiful outdoor space to greet them.

Our landscape and garden care team can build and maintain your lawn and garden. We will provide you with the gorgeous and healthy garden of your dreams.


Professional edging helps keep the grass out of your garden and creates a clean tidy look. Proper edging will ensure you no longer need to hand trim the grass around your gardens.


Keep your garden weed free without any of the work. We offer cultivating and mulching services to keep your flower beds looking great.

Clean Up

We clean up in spring and fall for you. We’ll take care of the leaf mulching, debris, winterizing shrubs, and everything else that your property needs to make sure it’s always looking its best.


Planting a garden can be a tough job for anyone who is not blessed with a green thumb. Our garden care experts will work with you to design and plant a garden based on your needs and preferences.


Enhance the garden with wood chip mulch. It provides natural texture that help plants, reduce weeds, retain soil moisture, and improve the appearance of your garden.


A little mulch goes a long way in enhancing the appearance of your garden beds and tree bases. Not only does mulch provide an insulating barrier, it also prevents weed growth and gives an attractive uniform appearance to your garden.

Spend more time enjoying your garden without all the work.