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Harbourview & Midland Council

For some time now Harbourview has been attempting to get a by-law created in Midland to allow Multi Purpose Utility Vehicles on our roads.  We were recently granted an audience to speak with the council to shed some light on the situation in hopes of better understanding one another.  Simcoe.com published an article that can be found here (don’t forget to vote): https://www.simcoe.com/news-story/9120926-should-rough-terrain-vehicles-be-allowed-on-midland-roads-/


Below is an open letter to the council members of the Town of Midland.



Dear Council members.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our request for a by-law allowing the use of Multiple Purpose Utility Vehicles on the streets of Midland.

The following letter outlines some of the advantages of these machines.


Harbourview is a responsible corporate citizen that puts the health and safety of our staff and clients 1st. The Kubota 1100C RTV helps us achieve this due to its many safety features:

This RTV is equipped not only with the normal headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and running lights as any car and truck, but also with 2 additional floodlights in the front, 1 in the back and a flashing amber warning beacon attached to the roof. This along with the bright orange paint helps increase the visibility of these machines when in operation, which is very important when our crews are out in inclement weather trying to clear away snow.

Visibility and the compact nature and mobilities of these vehicles also goes a long way in ensuring that we do not hold up municipal services/emergency personnel while accomplishing our work. Our snow removal crews tend to work in the worst weather and in difficult conditions. We do our best not to add to this difficulty. We feel having a single, compact, well lit, and nimble machine, that can both transport our staff to the jobsite and is the equipment used to perform the job function is far preferable than putting a truck and trailer loaded with equipment on the road in inclement weather.

Being equipped with seat belts, heated cab, roll cage, and large front and rear windows, these machines are both safe, comfortable and have great visibility for our staff. We also equip the machines with a slow moving vehicle sign as per the Highway Traffic Act since they move at a speed of 40km/hour or less.

Environmental impact:

These Utility vehicles are equipped with 3 cylinder 4 cycle/diesel OHV engines. Which has the benefit of not only making them extremely efficient to run but also has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly than running a 1500 series pickup truck with equipment and being laden with snow removal equipment. A 30 litre tank in the RTV will get us through an entire snow shift with room to spare. We have found while trailering that the gas used is more than double this.


RTVs have the potential to transform the snow removal industry. These compact machines can better navigate areas where we are removing snow than a traditional plow would, and they are considerably faster at accomplishing what a snow blower can. The blower on the front of the machine allows precision in an industry where space in limited as snow accumulates throughout the season. For many local businesses and homeowners, using a traditional plow to move snow means that they either lose portions of their driveway or parking lots due to the encroachment of snow or they have to invest the time and resources into transporting the snow out of the area to fight back against the loss of space; in contrast, an RTV operator can aim the blower and direct the snow into the most appropriate area, minimizing large snow banks and loss of space due to snow accumulation.

We feel that these machines are not only appropriate for snow removal but have many added benefits not only for our business but for our clients and the community that we serve.

We are happy to answer any question and even make the equipment available for councillors to inspect and view. We can be contacted at 705 937 0714.

Thank you.



Let us know what you think about this situation.

  • Kim Parsons
    Posted at 02:42h, 22 January Reply

    I don’t understand what the debate is. These machines are safe, cost-efficient, and a reliable tool in snow removal. When properly used these machines are of no danger to anyone and they are clearly marked for individuals on the road to see. Recently I became aware of a Harborview employee being pulled aside by the local Police because these machines were not to be on the roadway. What a ridiculous waste of time and resources? These machines save time and money when used in snow removal IF they are allowed on the town streets without having to be trailered to their perspective destinations. I see people with farm tractors, snowmobiles, bikes, and other recreational vehicles so why not these machines for someone to make a living.

  • Brenda
    Posted at 04:29h, 22 January Reply

    These snow removal machines sound like they doo a good job. No snow banks means better visibility when pulling out on a road.

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