Uses for WD-40

Uses for WD-40

Everyone has a can of this magic liquid kicking around; and if you don’t, you should! WD-40 has been around for decades as fans of this water displacer are discovering new and unique ways to put it to use. Below are just a few of the 2000 plus uses (according to the manufacturer’s website). However before you go trying all of these at home, please be sure to add some common sense to your experiments. We are in no way responsible for any negative outcome. Safety first, and second!

WD-40 is a water displacer, used primarily to lubricate, clean, and protect. But did you know it can:

Remove tea stains off the kitchen counter:
Just spray a little WD-40 on a sponge it work it into the stain in a circular motion to watch the stains vanish. Don’t for get to wash off the WD-40 afterward.

Clean dog poop from your new kicks:
Harbourview Property Managements cuts a lot of grass, and subsequently we step in enough dog dirt to drive anyone crazy. If this happens to you just spray it onto the sole of your shoe before cleaning. The water displacing properties will help it slide ride off.
Waterproof your shoes:
Use WD-40 to waterproof your shoes over the winter by spraying directly. Maybe don’t use it on your expensive blue suede shoes, just in case.
Remove stickers from purchased products:
Ever have a stubborn price sticker that just won’t come off? WD-40 to the rescue! Spray directly and let it soak in. Then scrape/scrub away carefully not to scratch the surface of your product.

Make your garden tools dig faster:
Spray a bit onto your shovel to help it glide through the dirt with ease.

Prevent bugs from nesting:
Using WD-40 to repel a variety insects works well as it is waterproof and will outlast the weather. It works especially well to prevent wasps from nesting under soffits.

Clean Crayon from nearly everything:
Apply WD-40 to a sponge or microfiber cloth to quickly remove crayon from walls, TV screens, tables etc.

Unstick LEGO!:
How many times have you met a pair of LEGO blocks that refused to leave one another? Break them up by spraying between their connections.

Clean hair off your hairbrush:
Clinging hair will loosen in a flash if you spray WD-40 onto the tines. Let it sit, then simply pull it free. Make sure you wash it before putting it back to use.

Remove Sap from anything:
Sap is sticky and stubborn. If you have some on your hands, your windshield, your shoes, your whatever, WD-40 will help to wash it away with ease.


Repel Snails and Slugs:
Shoot some onto the outside of your pots and planter (careful not to apply to the soil/plant itself), and it will keep the creepy crawlers from making their way in.
These were just a few of the thousands of uses for this life changing liquid. Please remember to use it responsibly and always follow the instructions set out by the manufacturer.

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