Tools for the Home Handyman

Tools For The Home Handyman:

There are a countless tools out there to take care of the ever growing and countless projects around the house. There’s nothing worse than getting elbow deep into a project only to find out that you don’t have the right tools to get the job done. Here are just a few tools that I can’t do without in my tool bag.
1. The Retractabit:  It is called by many different names, but the one I trust is durable, cheap, and has saved me time and time again. Home Depot’s Husky brand makes this all in one multi screwdriver system that has never failed me.


2. A Hammer:  Bang bang. Pretty simple, but simple is good. If it’s not moving and you need it to, smack it with a hammer. Pounding nails isn’t the only thing it’s good for. You can get pretty creative if all you have is a hammer.

3. WD-40: If it’s still not moving and you need it to, try some WD-40. The applications of WD-40 are in the thousands (see our previous post here). This has got me out of a few sticky situations.

4. Duct Tape (aka Duck Tape): Speaking of sticky… for temporary fixes, and some not so temporary, Duct Tape has you covered. Tuck Tape (or technical tape) is another one won’t fail you. Every year before sending our crews into the water to install docks, they use Tuck Tape to waterproof the holes in their chest waders.

5. Vise Grips: Pliers will do as well. It’s like having extra strong robot hands in your tool bag. They will save your own hands from some serious damage.

6. Utility Knife: Of course a saw is great to have for many different projects, but the kind of saw you use depends on the kind of job you’re doing. A utility knife, such as the Olfa Blades, can stand up to more than you may think. From getting through your packaging, to scoring drywall, a simple sharp knife will make your life easier.
7. Your Smart Phone: Believe it or not I use my phone on almost every project I get into. The camera alone will help keep you organized; snapping pics of materials needed, or measurements taken. The notes section can keep you from forgetting things as the project grows. There are many construction related Apps at your disposal nowadays. For iPhone users, did you know that your phone likely has a built in level in the compass app? Hanging pictures straight just got a whole lot easier.
Of course every job is going to need something different. And you can have an entire workshop full of tools and still not have the right one to finish the job. But if I had to pick a few I would never go without, I would pick the items above. Now if you find yourself reading this and thinking “forget it! I don’t have the time to work on this…” that’s where Harbourview comes in. You’re Busy. Let us do the work!

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