Time to Upgrade your Cottage?

Is it time to upgrade your cottage?

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your cottage. Whether you are upgrading to sell, or you plan to use your cottage into your golden years, it comes down to the all mighty dollar. Here are some tips to help either way.
One overlooked thing to consider before any major property upgrade is to consult with your insurance provider, as changes may impact your policy.

Outside In:

Let’s start with the outside and work our way in…
A cottage just isn’t a cottage without a deck. The cottage deck holds the most and best memories. From drinks and BBQs to books and naps, it’s somewhere to put your feet up, let your hair down, and get away from it all. Your outdoor home away from home should above all be built with safety, location, and size in mind. Be sure to incorporate features like handrails and railings for those dark and tipsy nights. The deck should be built to showcase the best view overlooking the water, or on the sunny side of the cottage. Finally it needs to be large enough to hold your guests, furniture, and your BBQ. Keep these things in mind so that it supports your lifestyle and your budget.

Moving In:

Moving inside, it’s time to consider insulating. Proper insulation, weather you’re winterizing or not, has a number of benefits. Of course it will keep the heat in on those brisk mornings and chilly fall days, but it will also remain cooler during the scorching summer months. Be sure to add it anywhere you can, including the roof/attic, the walls, and under the floors. Anywhere that you can keep the unwanted weather out will help. That in mind, it may be time to upgrade from your old single pain windows. Now you have an excuse to use your cottage year round!

Food for Thought:

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How can you fully enjoy your getaway without great food? And how can you enjoy great food without a great kitchen. Often the cottage kitchen is an overlooked element. Not only will upgrading your kitchen add value to your vacation experience, it will add dollar value to the cottage itself. Start by checking the essentials such as plumbing and electrical and make sure they are modernized to match new appliances. Then consider the counter space and storage that you think makes the most sense. You can save money by repurposing cabinetry, and it will keep the cottage feel. If you are planning to sell it is important that you do not overbuild. Keep it simple enough for anyone to appreciate.

Guts and Glory:

Finally we move into the bowels of the cottage. Almost literally as we explore waste disposal. Most cottages run on a septic system, which were built to last approximately 25 years (give or take). If it’s within your budget, replacing and upgrading an old septic system will not only save you smelly headaches in the years to come, but it will also save your bottom line. Getting on top of your septic system before it fails will save in the long run. Whatever you can do will help. Small changes like regular septic treatments, low-flow toilets, etc. will have a big impact.
Whatever project you may have in mind, remember that it is your vacation. Harbourview can save you time and money.

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