Sea Foam

Sea Foam is a Harbourview Lifesaver:

There are a few products that we use on a regular basis that we tend to take for granted, one of which being Sea Foam motor treatment. Day in and day out our crews put their equipment through serious use. And with high mileage, and high hours, comes high carbon build up. Sea Foam motor treatment can bring back even the most far gone pieces of equipment and give them life for years to come.
If you haven’t heard of this stuff, today is your lucky day. It has been in use since 1942 and its applications are as diverse as it is old! It will treat both gasoline and diesel engines, two stroke or four stroke. The bottom line is that whatever engine you’re having trouble with, Sea Foam has your back. So what does it do?

It cleans:
When added to your gas tank it will clean fuel injectors, carburetor jets, removes and burns off carbon build-up, and frees rings. It can be added directly to your oil crank case to do much of the same too. However when adding it to oil be ready to change the oil shortly after a few hours of use as much of the carbon will stick to the filter. I also use it to clean gummed up spark plugs as it’s a pro at removing carbon.


It Restores:
Sea Foam acts much like a super high octane fuel. When it burns through your engine it will burn clean and free up the engine’s parts to properly run their cycles without hesitation. I recently purchased a used generator that hadn’t been run in years. With a little Sea Foam added to the old gas and some elbow grease that thing was purring like a kitten in no time. As it runs through the system it brings it back to factory conditions.

It Maintains:
This is the best fuel stabilizer on the market. It keeps fuel stable for over two years! This is perfect when putting the lawn equipment away for the season. And if you were lucky enough to remember to add some to your snow blower before packing it up for the summer, it will start first try. It also removes the water from the system, and has anti-gel properties to keep your equipment running no matter how cold or wet it gets.


Sea Foam is an instant treatment that I can’t go without. The first thing I ask when anyone is having trouble with an engine is “Have you tried a little Sea Foam?”

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