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The difference between a “great job” and a “not so great job” usually comes down to proper preparation. Installing tile is no exception to this philosophy. When installing tile over a wood sub-floor it’s crucial to ensure that every opportunity to properly secure the floor from any movement is taken. We’ve had jobs that needed additional screws added to the plywood all the way to reinforcing the subfloor by adding structure. Once you’re satisfied that the subfloor is secure and sound it’s time to give the subfloor a really good clean to ensure the uncoupling membrane properly adheres. The uncoupling membrane allows the subfloor to move without effecting the tile or grout; it also provides a water resistant barrier. Depending on the tile you are laying, leveling clips are also useful to help minimize lippage or any other discrepancies in the tile.
Once your tile is laid and level, you can now move onto applying the grout. If you’re grouting a large area that requires more than one bag of grout, it is very important to mix the 2 bags together to ensure the colour is consistent throughout the floor. Even though the bags of grout are labelled the same, sometimes the bags of grout can come from different dye lots which can cause inconsistencies in the colour. Depending on the tile and grout you choose, you may also be required to apply an additional sealer to both to protect them from penetrating dirt, oil, grease, cleaning products and water.
These small details when installing tile can make an enormous difference in the final quality of the installation. Tile proves to be a clean, resilient option that can transform any surface. It is an application that when installed properly, will be durable for many years. Harbourview considers all the fine details when preparing and installing tile to ensure high quality results. If you have any questions or require a detailed quote don’t hesitate to call us for all you flooring needs.


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