Mouse Proofing


It seems there is no way to completely mouse-proof any home or cottage, but here are some ways to help.


First off, cut off their food source! As nice as you may be, the mice aren’t stopping by just to hang out with you. If a mouse gets in, it will more than likely stay if there are crumbs laying around. One man’s trash is another mouse’s treasure. Eliminate garbage and waste form staying in the house. If mice are an issue at your cottage, keep it as far from the house as possible.



Mice are able to travel a few kilometers, but usually they don’t venture farther than a few meters from home. Take a look at the surrounding areas. Often birdfeeders will contribute to a growing rodent population. The seeds meant for the birds will inevitably make their way to the ground and then it’s a feeding frenzy for our fury critters. Do your best to keep garbage pails and wood piles away from the main building. They can quickly move from their cottage to yours.

chipmunk 1

chipmunk 3

From their home to yours:

With that done it’s time to block all of the holes. If one gets in, others will be right behind him. Mice leave chemical sent trails that can attract other mice. They are a tenacious bunch, and their tiny frames can squeeze through spaces as narrow as 6 mm! Block them from the outside in. Stopping them from getting through the floor boards inside will only trap them in the walls and floor joists to make their mess. Steel wool is an excellent remedy for stuffing small holes. For larger spaces use materials that they cannot chew though. Foam and caulking are just appetizers.
This isn’t limited to mice. The same basic principles apply to squirrels, raccoon, chipmunks and more. Above is a situation where about 16 chipmunks found their way through a faulty dryer vent. They were trapped to rot over the winter.
It’s not all bad news. Harbourview Property  can help with any past damage this critters caused, as well as preventing it from happening in the first place! Call us today for a free quote.

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