Dirt Cheap Gardening

Dirt Cheap Gardening

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on gardening this year. We have a few tips that can save you time and money, season after season.

Plan ahead:

First of all, start with a plan! Before you get too excited about how much you’ll save on what, figure out what is gonna go where. This will help to save time in the long run, and will help your wallet by keeping you from over buying. Planning is all about location. Mapping out your area can help to determine which plants will thrive and which will wilt depending on the sun and soil.


Next, divide and conquer your space. Begin by moving the right plants to the right areas so they can look their best. Actually dividing your perennials is the best way to start. It’s a great way to get the most out of your plants
Whatever you plan to put in place, keep perennials on the brain. Annuals, though they can look great, will cost year after year, and can be a lot of work. Keeping perennials will save you money and effort over and over.

If you want to save even more, buy seeds. The best gardeners will germinate their seeds into the weeks preceding planting time. If you lack the space indoors, there are many seeds that you can plant directly into your garden soil that will produce great results.


Growing Food:

Now, try growing some chow. There is no better way to truly enjoy the fruits of your labour than by actually enjoying the fruits of your labour! For the best results, plant species that are native to your area. This gives you a better chance of a high yield with minimal effort.



Lastly is the upkeep. This tends to take the most time to keep things watered, weeded, pruned etc. For regular scheduled maintenance give Harbourview a call. You’re busy. Let us do the work!

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